A pic of me

About this site

This site represents my thoughts, and not those of my employer (Microsoft).  It's meant to help educate others, and share my experiences, and lessons. OK, now that we have that out of the way..

Who am I?

My name is Joe Farro.  I've been doing geeky computer stuff for over 20 years.  I grew up around arcades, played video games as I grew older, and eventually got into programming, electronics, and deeper into geek culture.

Why this site?

Recently, I realized that I've learned a ton over the years.  I'll always have more to learn, but I also feel like I HAVE to share what I've known, otherwise those late hours spent debugging, frustrated as I fight with code or circuits...is just a tragic waste. But by sharing back with the community, I can bring something positive and useful.  And from what I've experience, the more I try to teach, the more I get challenged, and then the more I learn.

So this site is my platform, to hopefully share, teach, and learn. Welcome, I hope you find something fun and useful here.