First Instructable! A Steampunk Raspberry Pi / Retropie case

I just posted my first instructable!  This was for a Raspberry pi case which I’d built as a comission.  The original case was built as a christmas gift, and was much simpler…really just some paint and gears.  The second case I embedded in a small book, and was much more ambitious.  But this latest one…it’s the most extensive mod I’ve ever done!  Here’s a video to give you an overall view of the project…

As you can see, this project involved not only the Raspberry pi which drove the device, but also an arduino which had to run servos, and lights which ran through plastic pipes like giant fiber optics, as well as switches to control it all!  I lost track of the number of hours put into it, but it was well over 20.  That being said, the final project is a work of art.

I have one other variation on a Raspberry pi/Retropie case I built which I need to publish, then I think I’m done building cases for a while. Well at least for microcontrollers 🙂

Find the instructable here:   Hope you enjoy!  if you build one, please send me some pictures, either here, on facebook, or post to the instructable so I can see what you come up with!

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