Crafting / Steampunk

Steampunk Retropie Project

This project started out when I was trying to build a nice case for a Raspberry pi, and decided a steampunk style would be cool.  Three iterations later...I had built a beast that had everything from LEDs to Servos...with both the Pi and an Arduino working together to control things. I've created an instructable ( and a video.


Raspberry Pi based "transforming" arcade box

Teletraan-1 themed Arcade portable

Inspired by the R-Kaid-R system, I set out to build a portable, raspberry Pi based arcade system with arcade controls, and a built in screen.  I themed it off of the Teletraan-1 computer from the 1980's version of Transformers (Commonly referred to as G1).  This system features over 8 hours of battery life, and can convert from a portable to a 4 player 'console' with a simple reboot.  Instructable and articles will be posted soon